. Today was the last day of my rations so making it to Dalesvlle was a must do. It was easy to leave the shelter at 6 am and get water at 700 then start my trek. Again I climbed but I knew it would only be two distinct ascents today followed by some more forgiving terrain. Then the rain started to fall, which is always a game changer. My hands got so cold I had to work each digit to get them functioning again I use my pocket knife to spread peanut butter on crackers and somehow managed to keep from slicing off a pinky. I ran into two guys from Wisconsin that I hadn’t seen since the 30 person shelter in the smokies. They call themselves Shits and Giggles. Wonder what their parents must think after supporting through school now to be known as S&G. We hike fast, said Giggles, we just don’t hike that often. After finishing lunch I met a couple in their 70’s through hiking. What a contrast, what a country. They told me about staying at a Howard Johnson motel so I am giving it a try. It’s cheap but H J is a few flavors short these days.20150521_074337

McAfee  Knob, most photographed spot on the A.T.
McAfee Knob, most photographed spot on the A.T.


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