The pictures tell the story . If you are reading this on your phone make sure you go to my website to see tell pic’s . I went to trail days for testing gear, good new shoes some free stuff and a new pack but somehow I got swept up into the hiker parade. Complete with the locals skirting the hikers with water. Now I am waiting udder a fair tent in the rain for my ride back to the trail. Every day is a holiday , every meal a feast and every hike is a parade. T20150516_134250<img src="" alt="20150516_140607" width="300" height="169" class="alignnone size-mediu20150516_14220720150516_140627m wp-image-515″ />


2 thoughts on “TRAIL DAYS

  1. Now…. ALL CAUGHT UP… Got behind due to blistering pace here at aft. AP Hill, VA. …! 15-18 hour days…. But, nothing close. To the days and miles you are covering… I could not sleep tonight until I caught up with the “Phantom” on the AT, so I read 9 MAY TO PRESENT… Loved it… Best thing I read was not your words, though I did love them all… It was your “Favorite Daughter’s words… Never read anything more filled with love and admiration than that… Yes, you are truly blessed… Love Always, Tony


  2. What a hoot! Trail Days brings out the best and worst – and some folks just want to be seen! Great pics – you capture the flavor (or scent) of the trail! Sweet how God is blessing you in your walk : ) j


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