may 15th white blazes are my friend

I woke up blessed today . I don’t know how it happened but I’m going with it . After hiking down into Pearls burg I asked some dude where the restaurant was but what I really needed was a ride to Damascus. He said he was going near there to Whyattesville and wanted 40 , we settled on 20, Marlboro Reds and a can of Skoal.After I got in the car he told me he was going to get his wife who was getting out of jail today. After I checked my GPS I found out that Whyattesville was an hour from Damascus but when he threw out a can from his car window and told me he wouldn’t do anything funny I felt oddly at ease. I can’t make this stuff up, remember I was still feeling blessed . So at the truck stop I found an old Navy senior chief and my shipmate brought me right to Damascus for trail days and told me he can pick me up on Sunday. I am blessed.
I now have a habit that whenever I see a white blaze on a tree marking the trail I smile and when I see a double blaze signifying a turn I I have to show teeth. It seems to lighten the load .


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