MAY 14th Does Yogi do yoga ?

Sitting  around  the  camp fire  with  some  other  adults  was a lot of  fun but  now it’s  time  to  move  on . I ate a meager  breakfast  at the  grocery , tackle  shop before  getting  a  late start, 9 am ,  after  everyone  left. Very atypical  for  Phantom .  The  walk was easy  for the most part, some rocks, some  climbs but  pretty  much  what I  have  come to expect  from Virginia .  I  found  one  of Michael  Angelo s feathers  he carried on his  walking  stick and  wanted to  return  it if I  caught  up  to him. However  I  ended  up  dropping  it along the  way .  Later in  the  day  I  was  sitting  along the  trail  trying  to  decide  if  I  wanted  to  walk  to a hostel  that was an organic  farm  when out  popped  Michael  Angelo  and his feather. Apparently  he got off the trail  and  when  he got  back  on he found  it where I  dropped  it. He was so happy  that  we walked to the hostel  for smoothies and Yoga. I  decided  not  to  stay for organic dinner.

I pressed  on but  when  I  got to the shelter  the water source  was lacking . So I pressed on to the next spring  which was worse. So I   pressed  on to the n20150514_163449ext  spring  which was a puddle. So I  collected  some  dirty water as I wondered what organic water  tastes like. I boiled  the  water  and used it  for my rice beans and tuna casserole . I’ll  let  you  know  how  it  turns  out .  So my water is limited  for tomorrow  but I’m  only  about  6 miles from  town, the next source . My plan  is  to  get  up  early and  be in town  before  things  heat up.



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