20150513_181455A beauiful morning, a gentle climb matched with a walk along the shelf of  a  ridge line gave way  to my longest  mile day. 26 plus, a marathon  of sorts that was a  joy to walk. I ran into  Michael  Angelo who I  hadn’t  seen  since I  shared a peanut  butter  cup before the Smokies . Young Blood  and I  were talking  about  him just the  other day. He discovered  a fawn laying  in  a field  at the  end  of  the  day

So innocent. So trusting. So knew to this  world. Like a deer Panteth for water, so my soul pantith  for thee.

I made my way  down the mountain  and was given a ride to the grocery  store where  I  could  resupply ,  have a cheese steak, get taxedermy  work, do my laundry  and get a shower. I  love this  country. I met Rueda  Rue, Palamino, Dirty Bird, and Pilot who started a bon fire out of an old rim, plywood  and a pallet.

Odd  isn’t it  that yesterday  I  wanted by  myself  and  today after  walking  a  marathon  I  find  myself  surrounded  by people  from  all  across  the  country  with a shared purpose .




  1. Don’t forget, man, that the way has been prepared for you by One Who is always there ahead of you. No accident what you experience. And you are never alone. j


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