Belle is a Rockstar on the trail  chasing down squirrels  and  following  faithfully  at my heal. She drinks from every  stream and  when she’s tired she lays down and when  she  is  hot and tired she lays down in the stream. It  looked  again  like rain and we we not to be denied .  Lor  and  Belle  were getting  a  good  sampling  of  trail life. We settled into a road side camp site  and we’re joined by two other hikers, one being  the  guy  from  the  day before .  Fortunately  for  Lor he decided to camp further  from  us. Anyway Lor  1 bought some  really good  meals in a pouch, and  Belle  got a taste of mashed potatoes  and dog food  before  crawling  into the tent  with  us. She slept  at our  feet and didn’t  move until  we moved. I’ve  never  seen  her lay so flat, yet when  she is up , she is  ready to move.


3 thoughts on “IT’S A DOGS LIFE

  1. So glad Belle’s loving it out in the wild. Give her green beans as a treat. Maybe she’ll catch something for you for dinner.


  2. Beverly, I tried giving her a spinach leaf–she wasn’t interested! Andy, on the other hand, said it added a lot to his salami-cheese-peanut butter sandwiches! The man is always hungry — metabolism in high gear I guess! I was too tired to eat– but have no fear, I never miss a meal! ( I use that term tongue in cheek-“meal”)


    1. Andy, maybe you can take Zeke out on the trail with you for a walk about? Take care. See you soonest I hope!


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