I  hiked out of  the  AT by getting  up and out by seven to meet Lori and  Belle  in Damascus .  After  a night in our exclusive room at Woodchuck  Hostel, a converted wood  shed, we went off to by hiking poles for  Lor. I tried  to  convince  her to buy a new pack but instead we traded, I  took my oversized pack issued years  ago  and she wore my light  weight  pack that  is short on suspension. But hey its just for a few days, right? So off we went but not before  Hashtag brought his friend  and mom by. And not before we ran into Flapjack,Tunes, and Forever Waiting. Lor was getting  a taste of AT culture  before  we even  started  up. Yes, up and up and up some more. By the end of the  first day we climbed 12 miles in the rain  and  Lori  had the blister to prove it.

We camped next to a pond surrounded by  woods that we shared with  an older camper. He  didn’t  seem  to  mind that anyone  was close by judging  by his proclivity  for hygiene .  Anyway we were up at well we broke camp by 9ish and walked on.


One thought on “FAMDAMILY

  1. I’m sure you guys are enjoying your time together & with all the other hikers. 🙂 Loving your blogs. Prayers for continued safety.
    Happy Mother’s Day to Lori.


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