Well  I  started  today  in record  time, 630 and made it into  Damascus  VA before  4 pm covering 20 miles. Yesterday  I  came through  a cow pasture complete  with  cows ! . If you  are keeping  track  that’s 3 states covered, 11 to qo. Now I  am  waiting  for  my stuff to  dry and  my wife  to show up with  Belle. Today I  met Hashtag. He’s a 24 year  old  from Bristol  who hasn’t  met may  Christians along the trail. He talked  about  losing  his  dad at a young  age and his  road back to God. We had a lot  in common. I  was able  for  the  first  time  to  talk  about  Aaron  without  breaking  down. I  usually  don’t    share  that  with  the  first person I  meet.

Please  check out  the previous 5 posts I  just entered for the past  week .  I  am trying  to  upload  pics again.


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