Miss Janet trail  angel
Miss Janet trail angel


I knew  I  was  coming  back  to  the  trail , I  just  wish  someone  had  told my knees. My trail angel Coma picked  me  up  and  took me  to  the  trailhead. Along  the  way  we  even  picked  up  a  stray dog that was running  down  the highway. After 2 hotdogs  from  Pals he let me off where I  slept under a bridge hobo style. The next day  I  took off at 7 after oatmeal  with  a  pop tart chaser. I   felt  really  good  for  the  first  3 get the  gentle   miles. My  how the  trail  has  changed  so I  thought .  Then  it became all too familiar  as I  ascended  into  the  clouds, well  sorta. It’s funny  how  the  pain comes and goes  but none too bad  to make  me  stop. I  am  starting  to  notice my toes are getting  crammed  to the front especially  on the  down hills .  I  learned  that  my  feet  may need  bigger  shoes at some  point  but I  didn’t  think  it  would  happen  this quick. For  some  reason  my ankle  was even  hurting  today .  Guess  it was  feeling  left out.

In terms of the  weather it started  out a little  cold but as the sun cracked through  the  trees it was just perfect .  Too perfect .  Hail. No kidding ,  hail but for a short time. After lunch beneath a large tree in an open field, it started to  spit a little  rain but went away until the  end  of  the  day when I   set up camp. It held off again allowing  me to make mashed  potatoes  and  tuna. When  did instant potatoes  get  good? Now I’m  laying  in  my  tent and  man is it ever pouring!


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