Finch and I  headed out about  the  same  time  but he soon  overtook  me. I needed resupply and stopped at a local hostel when the trail met the road. I   was sure to get some ice cream  and  a little  bit  of  nothing  that cost a quick  twenty  dollars . The trail took me by some  spectacular falls that were being admired by families  with young kids. Tourists, I  thought as they caught wind of my trail stench. Then the climb  to Pond Flats was initially incredibly  rocky but eventually  returned  to a normal terrain  with a  steep upgrade. I found Finch with two other guys , Flap jack  known  for his propensity  to make pancakes  every  morning ,  and Tunes known for his ability to play his IPod. Both from Philly so of course  we talked  Eagles .

I told them how I’ve  been  getting  up and leaving before anyone  even  knew  I  was  there. You’re  like a phantom , dude, one says and the other says, Phantom ! Cool trail name.

Much better  than  forgettable .



  1. Yeah Eagles!! Isn’t it fun to converse with someone from your home state. I also miss the Italian and Polish jokes we grew up with. (oops, hope that doesn’t offend anyone)

    A bar customer asked the bartender if he wanted to hear a Polish joke.
    The bartender pointed to a large man at the end of the bar and said, “He’s Polish.” Then the bartender pointed to a burly policeman near the door and repeated, “He’s Polish.” The bartender finished, “Now think about whether you want to tell that joke, because I’m Polish, too.” The customer replied, “I guess I won’t tell that joke after all. I’d have to explain it three times.”

    Happy trails!!


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