WP_20150501_012Today  I  was out at the  Crack of  dawn. There  were 4 loud  tents that came in late but  of course  there  is  no  sign of  life  this morning. After a few miles I  met a  hiker named Flick because  she plays  ultimate  Frisbee  competitively. I stopped for  lunch  but  got  so cold  I  started  freak out  thinking  I  was going  into hypothermia shock when  Flick from  Florida  showed up  saying   cool  snow  and  started  taking  pictures .  getting out  of  there was the only thing  I  wanted. And  I  did, all the way  to  a shelter that was converted  from  a  barn. It took  me  back  to  high school   when we stayed in  a barn in the Poconos  while  on a  bike  trip. Come to think of it  we went through  hail rain and snow  that time. Funny  how  you  never  know  what  experiences prepare you for bigger  ones down the road. I mean  the stressor we experienced  as a couple  and  a family  I  now look  back and realize how  we dealt with  them set us up  for  what we are now  dealing  with. A group  of  Recreation  students  from  a Christian  college  were already  there at the barn.  Immediately  I  thought  of the day  time when my wife, a recent major at a Christian  college  was on a similar  trip and the group  almost  went into hypothermia  shock. Freaky, right ? The  next  day again  I  got out before  any  one  else  was  up  or even  noticed.


One thought on “BARN LIFE

  1. Dearest Andy,

    Just checking in… Where are you on the AT..? Rick and I are researching our gear for our AT trip next Spring 2016… We are becoming quite the regulars @ REI (Franklin, TN).. I have been saving $$$’s for Rick’s (and my) Life-Long Dream to hike the AT EVER SINCE YOU TOOK YOUR FIRST STEP ON THE AT THIS PAST WINTER/SPRING 2015…. Our REI “Thru Hiking” SME has done the PCT twice (He has never taken on the AT). Rick and I are TALKING OF DOING THE PCT in 2017 too after we master the AT next year (Spring 2016). We are going to start training this year and do some 3 to 5 to 7 to 14 day hikes getting all the kinks worked out and getting back to our fighting weight… (LOL)… We may even catch up to you this SUMMER of 2015 on the AT and do a couple of legs with you to Test Fire our Cognitive, Mental/Emotional, Physical and Spititual “RESOLVE..!” We could drive up for a Rendevous, then hike up a few legs, then hike back down. And let you continue your TREK on the AT…! We also could meet you at the end of the AT up in MAINE this AUG/SEP 2015… Rick and I could meet you at the trails end with the “BAND VAN” and we could road trip it back to NC…! It would bring back so many memories for Rick of when he was On Tour with His band (“Toby The Fugitive”) after they signed with Chamberlain Records back in the Summer of 2007… Good times for a 17-20 year old and his ENTOURAGE… SPECIAL REQUEST: We could certainly use your input on what all to buy and how to negotiate the AT…! Call Rick when you get a chance… I just forwarded his info to you… Via iMessage. Love and miss you, Tony

    P.S. Andy, you are an INSPIRATION to Rick (in his battle with Cancer), to me in my struggles with CIDP and my myriad of other War Torn 4.5 decade “Service to our Nation” old age degenerative challenges from Bladder Cancer to heart disease to DJD to DSD, Perpheral Neurapathy and at times debilitating Chronic Pain and on and on…. And, ACTUALLY, YOU INSPIRE ALL OF US…! EVERYONE…!!!!! And you challenge all of us to face ADVERSITY head on, look past this life, peer into the next one and know with certainty that God has never forsaken us… Nor will he ever…. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is with us always… Every step we take….!

    “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” JOHN 16:33


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