Like many things in life, the build up is often greater than the event but thenthe event often grows in significance long after the occurance. And so it was with the sentencing hearing.We awoke early,prepared much like we were going to a wedding or similiar ceremony while Jay got himself ready for both school and soccer practice. He is quite the little man. With dueling GPS in hand we arrived in short measure at the impressive Jefferson County Courthouse complete with an over arching dome. As a total surprise to us, the couple first on the scene of the accident were there to greet us.They wanted us to know they attempted CPR but Aaron was dead upon impact. He was driving the right speed but didn’t even have time to apply the breaks. Before the man could exclaim a curse, the accident occcured. It was so special they took the time to be there for us.

In the court room the defendant’s lawyer repeatedly stated, I’m not trying to make an excuse but then went on to blame the dangerous intersection, the bushes, the … Then it was our turn. Grant, Alana, and Ali got up and gave emotional impact statements. I got up and decided to read mine, knowing that if I went off script, it would just be too emotional.  I will attempt to put my statement in an attachment.

The boys, Alana and her mom, Ali, Lori and myself went for a 3 hour lunch. Ididn’t want it to end, asa always because it would  mean getting back to reality. I love being around those guys,hearing and telling Aaron stories.But tomorrow Ileave at o dark30. Tomorrow evening I will be back on the trail, content knowing we did our job, secure knowing the support we felt in the courtroom and around our world, and stronger knowing now it is time to walk our walk.

and walk it with God.


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