Well I’m sitting in a Denver Library with people and traffic abuzz. Only 3 weeks plus on the trail and the world seems a little too fast for me. Its really always been that way. My oldest was nick named Slo A because he talked slowly and reacted with equal speed. Maybe that’s why I liked being the Wizard, cause I could slow the conversation down to my pace. After a few weeks of woodsiness I now get a sense of enormity and humility that envelopes our world both at the same time. I always knew that control is an allusion, closure is a crock, and now i know the trail moves along regardless. Let it go, let it be, just let it. I knew Id get to Denver, I knew I’d get to love my kids. I also knew I’d screw up my travel, and now I know it always, always works out.

Hey I hope you noticed all the pics I downloaded. I also bought a really cool Galaxy Tab4 with a blue tooth keyboard. My daughter taught me how to use Drop Box and so the pic of the bridge troll is my first attempt at this technology. Hopefully this technology will work its trail magic when I get back on my pilgrimage on Wednesday and can share much more. But tomorrow is the big one, when we meet the woman who took our son’s life and when the judge declares a sentence. I’ve prepared a statement but I may ask the DA to read it. Just eating  a home cooked meal with my family chokes me up so I can’t imagine what a court room will do.

Hey, Gotta go, old man syndrome kicking in. Somethings the trail can’t cure.


10 thoughts on “LESSONS FROM THE TRAIL

  1. Andy… so glad you’re trekking along still, but able to rest, to some degree i hope, for a few days now. I don’t know if you can grab hold of this right now, especially in regards to your facing again the day of the event that has placed you in the darkest place of your life, but there is a line from a William Cowper poem/hymn which says “behind a frowning providence, He hides a smiling face”. You will get back on your feet and you will be stronger as you continue along the trail God has placed you on. So envious of what you’re doing and so happy you are experiencing so many of God’s gifts along the way. Happy trekking brother!


  2. I’m showing my students bits of your blog- they were asking for pictures and they told me they could explain to you how to do it. I’m glad Ali got a hold of you. Love you guys.


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