Airborne continued

my motel, cheaper by 40% was equipped with a TV that didn’t work, a light that flickered, a toilet seat that was duck taped together and no safety chain lock. The AT privies had better facilities. But seriously, no TV?

I’m now trying to get an earlier flight with no luck. I bought the book Wild and am sitting on a rocking chair balling my eyes out and its just the prologue. When did I become such a chick? Ok so I cried when my sisters balloon got popped in kindergarten but that was a long time ago.

I keep thinking about the sentencing hearing and the old approach avoidance theory is kicking in. Just like jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft, the closer you get to the moment of decision, your avoidance increases until you step out the door. Tuesday I jump. Airborne! Wednesday I hike. It’s just walking…

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3 thoughts on “Airborne continued

  1. I am so enjoying following you on your blog. There is no doubt that this walk will be life altering. I am looking forward to talking with you when you return. It may be life altering for me too.
    I am praying that you get the outcome from the trial that you and your whole family needs find peace and closure. Of course, it will never leave your mind but I do pray that all of you find peace and closure.


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