Before I left Hemlock Hostel I had a great talk with the Dentist who got his name after filing down one of his broken molars along the trail. He asked me if I was a Christian and went on to tell me a bit of how he was brought to Christ through a number of circumstances. Now he is a Yacht Engineer, sailed to Tahiti on a Catamaran, and owns a Tartan 27 that he sailed to the Bahama’s. We shared pics of our old boats and talked into the evening. The next day I said goo bye to the the dentist, and to Easy Rock, the t shirt with a tie waiter and the crew at the hostel and set out. After walking some 16-20 miles I camped alongside to guys from Ft Worth Tx. One of them was originally from Tijuana and hates the Cowboys but loves the Eagles. God works in mysterious ways.  It rained pretty hard that day and night but I was happy to be in my little tent, dry, and eating noodles and Spam.

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