After leaving the Wild Boys I managed to hike 20 miles. Along the way I even ran into some week day trail magic at a road crossing. Even though I just ate my typical salami, cheese, and cracker lunch I managed to eat a cheese burger and coke before heading up Sam’s gap. I arrived at a shelter and met a group of older guys from Cleveland. One of them vacations in Emerald Isle every summer. They were a lot of fun to talk to but it was even more fun to get texts from several old friends from High School and work. It got really cold last night but again, warm, fed and knowing I have support put me soundly to sleep.

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  1. Sounds as if you are getting into what the dictionary calls “a harmonious sequence” with the AT! 20 miles a pop! Not only hiking thru rain but sleeping thru it as well! Meeting people with similar likes and life situations! Everything sounds awesome except the SPAM! Do you know what they make that with? God Bless you!


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