solo hiking

well after hitting trail days I met my old friends. Gregg was on the. Phone with his wife, stood up and passed out. I later saw Giggles who was with his trail partner, Shits( I can’t make this stuff up). Hey Wiz, PBR, he yelled holding 2 six packs over his head beckoning me to their motel. Pabst must be a delicacy where he comes from.

I was able to blog from the Christian hiker center, got a web belt made for free from Gear Man and a free Snickers bar. As I sat on the town square waiting for my phone to charge, we were entertained by 3 young girls singing 60s tunes and original songs. They reminded me of the little girls in Oh brother where art thou singing In the byways…I walked out and up on my own to find a perfect spot, made noodles and spam and settled in for the night.

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