It just got weirder

I had the trail all to myself for the morning. It was great to finally be by myself trying to have church on a foggy Sunday morn. I came across 3 hikers later as I put in 15 to get to hemlock hostel. The 3 guys who somehow work at this little establishment looked up and stared at me like I just walked in to their living room. I convinced the owner, an older woman to make me the 5 dollar cheese burger special they advertised along the trail. They were very concerned about my soggy coupon that it was stamped to be legit. It’s a menagerie out here. Other hikers later showed up and so did the rain so I guess I made a good call. I just hope none of the other hikers has the nocturnal habit of hitting people in their sleep. I hear there is a machine for that.

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9 thoughts on “It just got weirder

  1. Just read Doug all your posts while driving from Charlotte. He wants to know what people have named you?
    Love reading your posts. Hope you get some more sunshine and less rain. Didn’t sound like too much fun hiking the trough.
    Thanks for sharing the adventure with us! ❤


  2. Andy, I just got your text! Congrats on the hike/adventure! I’ve got a bit of reading to do to catch-up with you. Keep On Truckin’ ! Best, Robert


  3. off line for a few days while at JAARS – neat place. great to see you got to the ‘Springs’ – used to be a sweet little hideaway bd (before druggies). CHAOS works! : )


  4. just got some pics from Lori of the Trillium and anemones -sweet early flowers- homesick!!! almost, but not quite, envy you! God Bless,


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