Blourbon was psyched to get down the mountain and meet his wife at Standing Bear Farm Before we left I couldn’t find my map, then my phone. You need a system he said. I got a system, Christ Has All Operations Secure  other wise known as CHAOS. Later he dropped his favorite t shirt and asked me to wait while he went back to get it. I then stopped to make a sandwhich but he kept on and met with with a pizza at the farm. What a trip! The farm is a throw back to the 60’s. Very small, artsy and full of hikers and helpers. I met up with my old crew who wondered what happened to me. Apparently I had Greggs number wrong and Greg didn’t think of calling or texting me when we got separated. The next day they offered to wait for me but guess what? Chaos. I left my map behind and returned to get it. So I hiked 20 miles up on my own and loved it. Great weather, great pics, great walk with God.  I pulled into a shelter, pitched my tent, ate a great meal of spanish rice, tuna, mixed with beef jerky and a bagel. I washed my feet in the stream, and went to bed. Tomorrow is Hot Springs!

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