I haven’t had 2 days of sunshine in a row since Georgia but today was perfect. Just a few climbs and mostly down hill. I’m perfecting Gravity Fed Hiking, GFH by lifting my feet on the down hills and Joking (combo of jogging and hiking) to the bottom. Under control its easier then putting on the breaks. As a carry my poles, I look like a China man pulling a Rik Shaw down the mountain. I made it here to Hot Springs, a lovely little town putting on a hike fest this week end. I hope to leave here after sniffing out some free food. I did some serious foot care at the local gas station after buying my needed supplies at the Dollar General. Man is this living or what?

All along the way sun or rain, I am thinking more and more about the Sentencing Hearing in Colorado on the 28th. Sometimes I well up with tears, often I just think in amazement of what could possibly happen. I think of my family how each are coping in their own way and again fill up with tears as they continue to pour their support on me. Each day I am humbled and am grateful for it. This is a trail of humility, I oft fail but I get up and get going again. Thank God for his forgiveness. No regrets, none.

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3 thoughts on “2 DAYS IN A ROW???

  1. Simply amazing! I look forward anxiously to your writings so that I may vicariously live the life of Andrew the Amazing! 60’s and 70’s and no pot? Really?


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