what’s the angle?

After a good night in Franklin, we were treated to a free breakfast at the Baptist church.my trail buddy Mingo, after a career in correctional work wondered what is the angle for all these people to be so nice to us. Odd because he would give the shirt off his back to a stranger and has waited along the trail to help others.I shared with him and Funk, a 3rd hiker what I read in Mathew last night thatJesus told us to practice more mercy than judgment. We named him Mingo because he looks like Fes Parker from the old Daniel Boone show.we stayed the night on top of Rocky Bald. On the way there some youngsters and their grandparents gave out goody bags. They pointed out mount Albert in the far distance. It was good to see how far we have come in a short period. After scampering down the mountain we found Shangri la.other wise known as the Natahala Outdoors Center.white water rafting and backpackers abound at NCs answer to Colorado. The weather was perfect for hiking but Mingo’s ankle is red, hot and swollen so he soaked it in the cold rapids. Tomorrow we climb out of here starting at1749ft up to 5062 in 8 miles.. My conditioning is improving but the down hills are tough on the knees. In Mathew Jesus also said if you practice mercy you will receive it as well. I’m going to need it tomorrow and I’m going to need to practice it April 28th.

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5 thoughts on “what’s the angle?

  1. Hey Mountain Man! Love how God is using you. Andy it was always easier climbing Grandfather than coming down. we bent our knees and dug our heels in, and found a stick to stabilize our descent. Do Not Worry about tomorrow. God is already There.


  2. Andy, I am praying mercy on your knees! Impressed with how far you have gone. Lindsey and Tovi worked for Ocoee right near Nantahala when they were first married. They were whitewater rafting guides and lived in a tent. They loved it. That is a beautiful area. Can you post some pictures?
    The Webbs and Doug went whitewater rafting near there when Lindsy was there. I took photos…my rafting days are over since the Ecuador raft trip!
    Keep on spreading Jesus !! Doug and I miss you!


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