My peaceful night sleep was interrupted with loud thunder, lightning and rain. My tent started to take on water. The rain was pushed out by the 40mph winds. I thought my tent was going to blow away. It was scary but I wasn’t scared…. I prayed like Jonah. My tent stayed in tact, I was up at dawn and on my way. My 20 miles from the day before didn’t matter much, I was getting out of there. As I got up to Trey gap shelter I met a guy going the other way. He was thru hiking too but was going the wrong way. After he got turned around I found him to be the perfect hiking partner. He is a bicycler, my age, and laughs at everything I say. We are now joined.  He found signs along the way and after a short hike off the trail had a no kidding full breakfast, ala Trail Magic. Love TM!

We hiked out and had turkey sandwiches, cola and a moon pie. ala TM.  Now we are staying at a hostel, still camping out cause the rooms are full but I got a shower, got my stuff washed, could dry out my decrepit tent and resupplied in town. My trail buddy, Soil, (from Southern IL) and me, Wizard (what the Marines used to call Psychs) are here for the night. The worst night ever turned into the best day yet.

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  1. Hail to “The Wizard of Emerald Isle”! Happy Trails to you until we meet again! Don’t you just love Roy Rodgers!!


    1. Thunderstorms? Like the first night of our California Trip. 4 storms in one night. Don’t slip slide away. Hope you’re having an Easter you’ll never forget. Please know we’re all with you! My little brother the Wizzard.


  2. Thought I would give you a little Easter report from the island. Your wife did some amazing flower arrangements for the Easter breakfast. I’d send you a picture if I knew how. We had an amazing sunrise service and meal. We really missed your raspberry scones and crepes. We will count on you next year for that.
    The other local news is that there is a coyote on Emerald isle…for real. And that is us thinning out the deer population.
    Happy to hear that trail magic is in abundance for you. I think it may actually be a blessing from above.
    We miss you but wish you well.
    Keep posting.


  3. Very inspiring. I’ve been thinking of the trail for years. Typical story work, kids, life getting in the way. Or at least using them as an excuse. Your honesty and vulnerability is moving. I look forward to following you up the trail. And if you want the solar charger the offer is still on the table.


  4. I love hearing all this! And…who wouldn’t laugh at you? You are so funny! Praying for God’s presence on the trail, in the tent and through others you meet. ❤


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