After leaving the outfitters I hiked up Blood mtn, the highest point in GA. Thick as pea soup. Everyone else stayed at he outfitters. It was great for hiking, overcast, cool, and dew dripping off the trees. No views but easy to walk along the 50 yrds at a time of solid rock.  After blood mtn, I continued on to walk a 1.5 mile off the trail to Witley shelter. After getting sketchy pone service I heard a voice yell HEY.  Groumpy and Sleepy showed up to share the shelter. Just what I prayed for. The next day my new best friends, both christian in their 60’s walked out with me. They planned on 20 miles and so did I. I made it but b/c of blisters they did not. I found myself at Trey Gap but along the way Trail Magic hit.  A young couple gave all thru hikers hamburgers, hotdogs  and sodas. AWESOME. I pitched my tent for a peaceful night sleep….

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