day 1

WP_20150331_007 WP_20150331_006 WP_20150331_009 WP_20150331_008 WP_20150331_010after a longer ride than I expected we took off up the approach trail for a mile, took. A pic and it was game on. The day was tough. Mountain squid highly recommended we stop at mile 8 so I pushed on to 14. I was hurting, especially my left knee on the down wedding. Band caused my finger to swell and I immediately saw myself in. The ER getting my finger amputated. Found a good camp site next to running water and after rice and tuna went to bed.


4 thoughts on “day 1

  1. Inquiring minds want to know …Is Mountain Squid a trail name?
    Yours is more better if it is.
    Have you met any older people on the trail… If so could you tell us about them? I’m always amazed when anyone hikes the trail and when they are older I’m even more amazed.
    We are enjoying your posts. Hope you are enjoying your journey.
    Don’t wear your knee out!!! Pace yourself. Enjoy.


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