The hiker hostel is a large modern log cabin in the woods.I was given a futon in the common area.there is a guy on another one next to me who swatted me with a T shirt and exclaimed I was snoring like hell.so now I’m waiting for breakfast. Guess I should avoid hostels shelters and generally most others at camp sites

to make matters worse, I don’t think my phone is shutting down properly. I got picked up with another hiker who has this thing all figured out. A lawyer from new Orleans who works as a bartender and just got into a relationship. Already I know way too much. Her pack is half her girth so I don’t know if it is really small or not. Now that I have conquered fear I’m going to work on my judgmental attitude. After I get some sleep. Maybe I will just wait for breakfast and hear about that guy who snores like hell.

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6 thoughts on “Z

  1. Andy, our wish for you is that one day, when you most need it, you stumble upon some delicious pancakes. Feel free to do the dance. Love you and keeping you lifted up. Keep the blogs coming. Dixie and John


  2. Andy: As you blogged about your bus trip, I could not help but smile and think about our dear friend, Angelina! The moral of the story is “do not stick your head out or stick a limb out of a bus window”. Godspeed. Stephanie & Chris


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