Can’t believe it, but tomorrow I get on a Grey Hound bus at 6AM in New Bern, which was never on my bucket list but it’s the cheapest way to get to Georgia at 9pm then the Hiker Hostel came through so they will pick me up, house me, feed me and put me on the trail the next morning.

I went to Extreme Outfitters in Jax, NC yesterday and Tom really helped me out. All I wanted was some more fuel but I got a much needed silk sleeping bag liner that will keep me about 5 degrees warmer. I’ll need it with my quilt. He also showed me some very cool electronics, chargers, and a steri pen. Its an ultraviolet light that sanitizes water. I’m going to start with my filter but may switch to that, its simple, almost fool proof. he even offered his solar charger for me to use.

This first pic is of all of my food for about 5 days.  Just add water. pack2

This is my pack with water (4lbs) and food(10 lbs) weighs 32 lbs. pack3

Here is my world. Clothes upper left, tent in orange, cooking system upper right with food. Wet and cold gear in lower middle, pack, guide, and new testament in center, sleeping bag, pad and liner next to orange tent, and clothes I’ll wear lower right.pack4  Being cold, wet, and hungry concern me the most. I think I may now have too much food, the right rain gear, and enough smart clothes to keep me warm.  God Speed


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