the road less traveled

Here is a good documentary about the trail that I watched today. Its called a road less traveled and its about 8 thru hikers. It made me laugh at times to see all of the extras people are carrying, but when I saw all the rain and the snow and the wind, well it is a bit daunting. Also to hear about the injuries. I’ve been collecting my gear for some time now. Everyone says they get rid of stuff but my UL tent, my down quilt and my blow up pad are all pretty minimalist, as is my pack. I got this stuff through the classifieds on an ultra light backpacker website. All of my clothes are synthetic of some sort, no cotton, none. I’m glad I got new rain gear, including pants and gloves.

I got weepy watching the older couple and then watching the younger guys. It should be a very healthy emotional time. For me, night time will be the worst, I’m sure. Walking, climbing, I’m ok with. its the lying down in a wet rainstorm, (guess it wouldn’t be dry), that’s the most worrisome for me.

The book, A Road Less Traveled by M Scott Peck which I read a bazillion years ago told me that life is difficult. I thought I knew what he meant. but watching my mom go into her golden years and eventually letting go, it really hit me that life doesn’t really get easier. While some are lulled into complacency some into denial, and others into narcissism, none of us escape this. He says we even make up our own worry to avoid the real difficulties in life.

So why? some one asked. I really don’t know. I think I get started on these things and before long I’m in too deep to turn around. Whether it be a marathon, a boat, or a bicycle. I guess what I’m hoping to get out of this is to lose some of this needless worry. Just like the guy who shed his 65 pound pack. He said, “Well, that makes me the dumbest hiker out here”. I guess if I carry all that worry with me, I’m just as dumb.  Look at the birds in the air, doesn’t your Father care for them?  I did see a dead sea gull today.  But hey, not going to worry about that tonight.


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