Today I drove to Flip Flops, where Belle and I hiked to the week before and enjoyed the lunch special. I’m thinking more about my trip and sleeping less. After that hike I ordered new gloves and a rain jacket that should keep me drier. Today I bought a lighter pair of hiking pants. I guess I have my gear, all but my food and fuel. I have a book on AT recipes but it was put together by an anal retentive mom who sweated the details so that she could be a part of her husband’s and son’s trip.  Lots of good ideas but I just can’t bring myself to drying apples in the living room and mailing them to some unknown PO in GA.  I know I won’t eat as good but I’m here to simplify my life, have a smaller footprint and have a good ole fashioned cleansing. A revival of sorts. Godspeed

I need to make my travel arrangements. Gulp. Its getting real. It might be why I’m sleeping less. There are a lot of details I’m leaving undone. Its that leap of faith. The closer I get to leaping, the harder it becomes. Once I leap, I hope to find myself fully committed. Tired but committed.


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