Today I logged my longest hike, 18 plus miles, all of them in the rain. Belle and I hiked along the walking trail in Emerald Isle out to Flip Flops where we munched on the Monday Special of roast beef and fries. She really liked the roast beef. I used their rest room to put on a dry base and fleece then added my poly fill jacket. That was the ticket. After we started back, my legs were gimpy but I was warm. Lor met me and took Belle away in the truck.wet belle She told me Belle didn’t want to get out of the truck when they got back to the house.  I’m testing my gear each time and tweaking my packing list. I realize I need two long sleeve base layers and my rain jacket and gloves don’t work in the rain. Hey, new gear! At times, particularly when we were at Flip Flops trying to eat RB in the rain. The lady offered Belle a hot dog but she preferred roast beef.  Each hike I have a moment when I don’t think there is any way I can finish the AT but each hike I find a way of walking thru that moment and I’m all the better for it.

Walking along my mind often goes blank but even in the rain I realized tears rolling down my cheeks. Every day its going to happen at some point.  In church during the singing, always. Listening to songs on my phone, definitely.  Today that’s what started it. My mind went to thinking about the 27th of July. Where was Jesus on the 27th? I found myself asking for the past 7 months. Well today I think I found out.

More on that soon.


One thought on “18+

  1. Hey there just came from church where you were definitely on my mind. Thinking about what an awesome opportunity you’ll have to share with other hikers. I can only imagine you may encounter a few people looking for love in all the wrong places or trying to sort out the meaning of life. Not that you have to go far to find them but clearly your path won’t be filled with the worlds distractions. I can’t imagine going on the AT without the knowledge that if you walk in HIS light you will not stumble. God Bless little brother.


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