0 days

Sat & Sun were what’s known as 0 days, no mileage, no further along on the goal. But in some ways 0 days are pretty productive. Saturday was a soccer day. Soccer Coaches clinic in the morning, lining soccer fields in the afternoon, scrimmage in the evening, and finalizing team rosters at night. Watching Kevin kick the ball, watching one pass combination, watching our team get scored upon almost at will. Its the only thing that takes my mind off of ME, a topic I am all to familiar with. Today was the annual Men make lunch for the Women of the church as a Valentine tribute. I cried through all of the music today. Even valentines day makes me cry. I figured Christmas would be tough, but New Years day and now Valentines day. Is President’s day and Ground Hog Day the only happy holidays left?  Can’t wait for Arbor Day. Come on Armistice Day. Flag Day just around the corner.

My knee is feeling pretty good. Today Belle and I drove out to drop off some boat stands near where we hiked on Friday. She was so excited, every time she now thinks she is going for a hike. Hope I can keep that attitude, hope the Mobic hold out.


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