meWell I tried to post this last night from my cell phone in my little tent but I still have a lot to learn about blogging. Yesterday my dog Belle and I hiked 15 miles to a park within the Croatan Forest. After I got back, I ate, took a Mobic and set up my tent in the back yard to see how I would do in sub freezing weather. I’m realizing that hiking is the easy part of back backing, sleeping, not easy. I kept warm with my down quilt and polyester fill pants and jacket. I haven’t been so happy to see the sun rise since I stood my first Officer of the Day watch in the Navy 20 years ago. but was I sore. Mobic, an anti inflammatory to the rescue. Mobic. Hmmm could end up being my trail name. On the AT everyone gets one, it could be worse…Mobic, kind of catchy and appropriate. Beats Vaseline.

Today I hiked 4 miles to Mikes restaurant for breakfast. Now that’s hiking. My wife even gave Belle and me a ride home.

Last night I was convinced I couldn’t do this. Today I’m thinking a freezing night on the AT still beats trying to form Soccer teams to keep parents happy.



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